Chemical Name:  Sulfonic Acid

Product Specifications (LABSA 97%)

Molecular Weight: 322 grams/mol

Free Oil Content: Maximum 2.0%

Active Substance: [96-98]%

Color (Klett):Maximum 70

Sulfuric Acid Content: Maximum 1.8%

Water Content:Maximum 0.5%

Appearance: Viscous dark brown liquid

Manufactored By : Kimia Pazhuhan Khavar Shimi

Sulfonic Acid: Unveiling LABSA 97%

“Understanding Sulfonic Acid”

Sulfonic Acid, known as Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid (LABSA) or LABSA 97%, holds a pivotal position as a key anionic surfactant in the realm of chemistry. Let’s delve deeper into the intricacies of this compound:

“Insight into LABSA (Sulfonic Acid)”

LABSA, categorized as a sulfur-infused chemical compound, assumes a crucial role in the expansive detergent industry. Recognized by its trade name LABSA, this compound is extensively harnessed in detergent manufacturing, showcasing exceptional water solubility attributed to its surfactant attributes.

“Versatile Applications Across Industries”

Sulfonic Acid serves a multitude of purposes across diverse industries, ranging from detergent production to fertilizer synthesis and color creation. Consequently, this compound stands out for its significant contributions, earning special recognition from industries and exporters across various sectors.

“Chemical Structure and Unique Attributes”

Sulfonic Acid 97% falls within the spectrum of sulfur-infused organic compounds and is identified by the formula RC6H4−S(=O)2−OH. In this representation, ‘R’ denotes an alkyl or allyl group attached to the benzene ring, while S(=O)2−OH signifies the sulfonic hydroxide group. The chemical structure incorporates both hydrophobic and hydrophilic segments, playing a pivotal role in efficient cleaning processes and stain removal.

“Integral Role in Detergent Manufacturing”

Anionic surfactants like LABSA possess the distinctive capability to seamlessly dissolve in water (hydrophilic) while concurrently separating organic particles from surfaces (hydrophobic). This unique characteristic ensures effective removal of organic compounds from surfaces, thwarting any chances of reattachment.

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