Scientific Name:     Ammonium Sulfate

Company Name:    Kimia Pazhuhan Khavar Shimi

Brand Name:   Venhan

Chemical Formula:   (NH4)2SO4

Purity:  21% Nitrogen, 24% Sulfur

Physical Form:  Granular and Powder

Molecular Weight:  132.14 g/mol

Density:  1.77 g/cm³

Other Names:  Ammonium sulfate dihydrate | Diammonium sulfate | Sulfuric acid diammonium salt

Ammonium Sulfate: An In-Depth Exploration

Ammonium Sulfate, denoted by the chemical formula 2(NH4)SO4, emerges as a versatile compound with widespread applications across diverse industries. Its pivotal role lies in the synthesis of chemical fertilizers, characterized by a composition comprising 21% nitrogen in the form of ammonium ions and 24% sulfur in sulfate form. Its multifaceted applications encompass soil pH adjustment for alkaline soils, provision of nitrogen and sulfur for robust plant nourishment, and the augmentation of agricultural produce quality.

Diverse Applications of Ammonium Sulfate

Ammonium Sulfate stands as a highly effective nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture, offering plants a valuable source of nutrition through its rich nitrogen and sulfur content. Its versatility extends to amending sodic soils, contributing significantly to improved plant growth, especially in the cultivation of rice.

Moreover, Ammonium Sulfate plays a pivotal role in fostering the growth and enhancing the quality of various agricultural products, including pistachios, citrus fruits, alfalfa, corn, rapeseed, cotton, potatoes, rice, and wheat. Its application extends to augmenting the efficacy of herbicides and pesticides, particularly in waters abundant with calcium, magnesium, or sodium.

Recognized as one of the most adaptable nitrogenous fertilizers, Ammonium Sulfate, due to its nitrogen composition, adequately fulfills the essential nutrient requirements for plant growth in agriculture.

Furthermore, the sulfur content within Ammonium Sulfate plays a crucial role as a nutritional source for plants, addressing their essential needs for this elemental nutrient.

Leveraging its unique chemical characteristics, Ammonium Sulfate effectively rectifies the properties of alkaline soils. These soils, often rich in alkalizing agents, can pose challenges to plant health. The strategic application of Ammonium Sulfate mitigates these challenges by lowering soil pH and creating an optimal environment for robust plant growth.

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