About Us

Kimia Pazhuhan Khavar Shimi (KPKS) was established on 23/05/1386 (August 14, 2007) with license number 389930896736 issued by the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade. The company, with its long-standing experience in sulfuric acid production, initiated the design and construction of a sulfonic acid production line with a daily capacity of 48 tons in 1392 (2013). It’s worth mentioning that Kimia Pazhuhan Khavar Shimi achieved the first successful acquisition of liquid SO3 technical knowledge in Iran. As a result, it is recognized as one of the top producers among industrial knowledge-based companies by the Scientific and Technological Department of the President’s Office.

The produced sulfonic acid is of high quality and serves as a raw material for industries involved in the production of detergents, fertilizers, and paints. Kimia Pazhuhan Khavar Shimi, as a prominent producer, has a history of exporting its products to Middle Eastern countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, in addition to fulfilling the domestic raw material requirements.

In 1398 (2019-2020), Kimia Pazhuhan Khavar Shimi began the design and construction of an ammonium sulfate production line, meeting export standards, with a daily capacity of 120 tons. The produced ammonium sulfate is available in granular and powdered forms, serving as one of the widely used fertilizers in the agricultural industry.


About Us

Our Mission & Strategic Objectives

1) Pioneering the production and supply of cutting-edge, high-quality chemical products, poised for global exports, and setting new benchmarks in industry excellence.

2) Spearheading the establishment of a robust holding company, strategically harnessing state-of-the-art global technologies to propel us into the vanguard of innovation and market leadership.

3) Elevating our Research and Development (R&D) endeavors to new heights, fostering a culture of continuous innovation, and fortifying our capabilities to redefine industry standards and excel in the dynamic landscape of manufacturing.

  • Environmental Sustainability & Responsibility
  • "Cutting-Edge Technology and Innovation"
  • "Research & Development"
  • "Excellence in Quality Standards"